My Debut Novel ‘Jack: Rise of Faerie’, Coming 2018

Jack was exiled from the Warden Academy when he was 17 years old. Now he’s 27, and the world that wanted nothing to do with him is knocking on his front door- literally.

Rivers, the old and cruel headmaster of Jack’s old school recruits Jack to return to the Warden Academy in search of a snitch. Someone within the school is giving information to the monsters Jack and the other Wardens have sworn to destroy- and this exchange of information is resulting in a high death toll of Wardens.

Jack has more to worry about than the return of his old life. The monsters he works to kill, the Unseelie, are becoming more and more aggressive. Their attacks are more brutal, and even Jack, the most skilled Warden in the Academy’s history, is having a hard time keeping his head.

As Jack finds himself surrounded by the things and the people he spent the last decade trying to forget, it becomes quickly obvious that things at the Academy are just as bad as they were during Jack’s studies. Will Jack’s reputation win him the favour amongst his peers, or will it lead to his destruction?

Cover Art Coming Soon

© 2017 R.M. Jamieson